Class Description

A little about blues and "close-connection" dance: 

Close-connection can be applied to any dance style and done at any energy level whether you are a new or an advanced dancer.  Our workshops (both weekends) will review the basic foundations of connection that are so vital to all dance forms, and introduce new concepts in lead-follow partnering that will increase your enjoyment of dancing a hundred fold. These techniques will not only make you a much better dancer, but more importantly, an infinitely better dance-partner!  (Just read the testimonials on our webpage at


A little about the "group-private" salon format:  

If you are not familiar with our salon classes, the "group-private" concept means that we limit the class size to small number of leads and follows, and hold classes in a small studio or private home.  Salon classes provide a friendly, learning environment where we can give personal attention and feedback to each participant. The participants have an opportunity to get to know one another and build relationships for the dance floor.  Classes are extended to 75 minutes periods each, with an hour of guided practice (and socializing) at the end of the night for further one-on-one feedback.  It's like your own private lesson, but with a small group!   


SUNDAY, April 10th: Blues-Based Close-Connection Classes 

1:00-2:00: An introduction to close-connection partnering (slow blues):
An essential class for mastering the art of lead/follow connection, and compression, extension and stretch techniques
that apply not only to blues, but to all dance forms, all the while learning fun rhythms, footwork, jazz steps, and patterning to a variety of classic and contemporary slow blues and early American Jazz music.

2:15-3:15:  The Conversation of Connection:
Learn how to create wonderful non-verbal dialog's with your partner through your body. This fun and playful class will
teach you not only how to listen to each other in your lead/follow connection, but how this kind of communication and awareness can extend far beyond the dance floor.

3:30-4:30:  Working the Floor -- Higher Energy movement and travel
Put the cool in your steps with these fun, higher-energy, walking blues variations.  Learn to dance to more up-tempo
blues music, blending the art of close-connection with floor movement and styling.  This class will also introduce elements of Fusion and Kizomba blues, two very beautiful free-style, close-connection, smooth and relaxed dance forms that combine elements of tango, bachata, and blues. 


SUNDAY, April 17th: New Steps and Stylings from Blues to Swing

(details coming soon)


A little more about blues dance from Seattle instructor, Miles Cohen:

     "Blues dance is a versatile partner dance form quickly gaining popularity across the nation. Free of a basic step, the dance emphasizes individual expression and improvisation. Originating in house parties and smoke-filled bars, the dance is more about musical interpretation and partner interaction than it is about memorizing choreography or showy performance steps.

     Many beginners choose Blues dance as their first dance to learn because it allows them to start dancing quickly without having to worry about whether they are stepping on the wrong foot. Those with a background in other dance forms enjoy the emphasis that Blues dance places on building partner connection and exploring a dynamic range of movement."